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Green vpn shutdown

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You’ll know if your Torrent traffic is being routed through the VPN when the routing icon, on the bottom right, turns GREEN. When your VPN connection stops, all processes stop too. Phew. The icon may take a few seconds to catch up to turn green but rest assured no data is leaking when the VPN stops.

Of course, jumping ship to SurfEasy is far from your only option here. If you want another quality free VPN service that offers mobile apps, then it’s worth checking out our top two picks for of 2018.

Those who are Opera Gold members (which was the commercial paid-for version of the product) will be given the option of having a free one-year subscription to SurfEasy Ultra VPN. That’s an obvious move, as Opera VPN was built on SurfEasy’s network and SurfEasy is included in our guide to the best .

Yet another monitoring program – this time, Linux users are invited to the party. Rather like VPNetMon, this simple but effective software ensures that all programs (e.g. BitTorrent) will automatically close when the VPN connection drops.


If your current VPN provider, or the one you have your heart set on, doesn’t have a in-built ‘kill switch’, don’t despair. VPNetMon is a very nifty, hands-on piece of free software, for Windows users only, designed to automatically close programs that are accessing the internet when the VPN connection is lost. Though you will have to manually configure this yourself, it is very straight forward.

The was made that the free iOS and Android apps will be permanently shuttered on April 30, just under a fortnight’s time.

Green vpn shutdown

Even if you’ve never used a VPN before, you’re certainly no stranger to an unstable WiFi connection – dropping out and interrupting your flow of work. It happens. However, losing your VPN connection is a different matter altogether. After all, what use is a VPN if the connection to the server drops – re-routing your precious, private data back through your ISP? It would almost be as though you never had a VPN to begin with.

GreenVPN has been a popular VPN provider with many users from China. Yesterday this China-based company announced on its that its operation will be shut down on July 1st, 2017.

There’s some bad news for those who use the mobile app, namely that it’s being shut down come the end of the month.

If you want to make the switch to a paid VPN service, these are the top two picks from our for 2018 article.

Implementing your own ‘kill switch’ may require some manual work, but a complex solution is better than no solution at all. Though it’s a relief to see VPN providers now offering this as a built in mechanism – saving you time, money and stress. The ‘kill switch’ really is the ultimate shield for today’s privacy warriors.

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